String-centering, large bearings

While we are working on the design of the next generation PYRO and the signature yoyo for Plamek, I wanted to update you on the custom-made bearing we are going to provide these yoyos with (see Hadrien’s post

Our Swiss-made high end series of yoyos (like the two above) will sport large bearings. Not only that, they will also have a string-centering V-shaped outer race. V-shaped bearings are standard in other industrial applications, however, this size is custom made for HSPIN, 5x13x5.

String-centering bearings have been around for a while and in different shapes (Konkave from Difeyo, Grooved from e.g. Born Crucial, and center-track from Central Bearing/YYF). V-Shaped is the shape we believe in most (more pronounced center and faster centering… but let’s not get lost in details).

Using string-centering bearings has an impact on the yoyos responsiveness: The yoyos are less responsive, and more evenly less responsive, which also reduces risk of snagging. In turn, the yoyos need firmer binding.

You’ll love the new designs we are working on. Hadrien has been a tremendous support in updating the new PYRO and shaping Plamek’s signature yoyo, prototypes for both exist as of this week. We are contemplating whether to ship the yoyos with two bearings, both flat and V-shaped, to give players an option, but that will earliest be in summer/fall 2010.

Keeping you posted,


They look awesome.

Is it also a hybrid metal plastic bearing?
Will any other previous hspin yoyo, like the cut, will also available in large bearing conviguration?

That is a pretty sweet looking bearing! Any chance they’ll be offered in a non-metric size C version?