String at stores?

Do you know any stores, like wal mart, that sell yo yo string. I do buy some bulk here at but i want to know where to buy some more when i run out but don’t want to wait until they arrive

If you do find any string, it’s probably horrible cheapo string. Try Target, and Toys R Us, thought I saw some there.

Just order some more when you are starting to run out. Then the new strings will arrive before you’ve gone through the old ones.

the only place i know is some toys r us have cotton

Yeah some places may sell 5 packs of duncan cotton string

Toys R Us and Target. Some hobby stores carry Yomega repacement strings.

you could wash your old stings and reuse them. Untill the new ones arrive. Just wash a few old strings with water n soap. YOu will be amazed at how much dirt comes out of these things when you wash em. Be sure to rinse then out throughly with water to get all the saop out. Then let them hang for a while to dry. They wont be like new but they will be pretty close to new. Some times i even find they play better than new cause they are already broken in.

LOL, it’s funny put your strings in your pocket, then put them through the washer and dryer. Good as new. They look amazing. I did this on accident once.