Yo-Yo Strings and Friction Stickers

I was wandering where you can find yo-yo strings and friction stickers? I was wanting to buy them from a store, not on the internet.

by not buying them on the internet, that really limits your choices.

this might help a bit: http://yoyoexpert.org/locate/

click on the red regions. if you live in that state, those are hobby stores that sell yoyos, or yoyo stuff.

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What about a toy store, could you get yo-yo strings from a toy store? I could just use yo-yos that do not have friction stickers, if I could find yo-yo strings. My area was not red.

yea you can buy cheap yoyos and get the strings from them but those are most likely cotton and those do not last long about 2 days max

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Make string!

Here are some tutorials:

First one by out very own Xela!

another randon one:

And another random one:

As for Friction Stickers, you can also make those yourself out of duck tape, but its pretty hard, I’ll actually try to do do it, if I succeed, I’ll make a tutorial in a few days.

But you’ll probably need a new yoyo as you get better, so I reccomend a hybrid plastic YoYoJam. The responce lasts forever, and if it doesn’t, you can get O-rings at a hardware store. But shipping isn’t a huge problem for us in the U.S., so you can always upgrade yoyos without having to worry about spending too much because of shipping. (I really feel bad for people outside of the U.S.)


You should be able to get yoyo string at a Benjamin Franklin store but friction stickers are strictly online.

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Thanks everyone for your posts, I watched the third video on “How to make yo-yo string”, but I did it a little bit different. It looks like it turned out, but I did not try it out yet.

Yes, making your own string is fairly easy, just experiment with different threads.

Umm have you tried? I can get cotton strings to last several weeks with 3-4 hours a day almost every day.

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You could make your own strings, and some toys r us’s sell cheap Duncan strings.

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yes i have i didnt have money to order more string for like a week so i went to the toy store and got a 1.50 yoyo and in one day it snapped wen i threw a hard break away

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Friction Stickers aren’t exclusively online. When I was on vacation, I went to a store in New York called FAO Schwarz. It’s basically a giant toy store. I saw friction stickers, right next to the Duncan Speed Beetles.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen string in toy stores such as Toys R Us

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Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean it will happen to everybody.


Yeah, exactly my point. (I came in too late…)

But my Slick 6 and 8 last about a week each. It won’t happen to everyone else, but it happens.

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Sorry for bringing up an old post, but I just wanted to say thanks for the help and the yo-yo strings I make now works great.