Where can you get yoyo string?

When I yoyo I sometimes feel like the string is going to break any second. But it doesn’t. When it does though, I want to get yoyo string and not wait for delivery. Is there any kind of string you can get in a hardware store or somewhere not online. If not say so. If so, where and what kind and what’s it called?

You may be able to find some at a hobby shop of the sort? If you generally say where you live, someone may be able to help.
You can also make your own string. Just look up on YouTube “how to make yoyo string.”

If you have more questions feel free to ask, but it is also more important to research things on your own.


Why don’t you just buy a 50 or 100 bundle and be done with it.


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Hey research all the tricks I do on my own

I don’t really have good internet. I can’t watch videos.

You don’t need videos. You could’ve found the answer to every single question you asked today on your own without watching a single video.

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I checked and download the institutions. Found it slightly confusing.

Yeah, I too find reading instructions difficult. Pictures are helpful though.

P.s. Before you post, please read over your post and make sure your grammar seems decent and you spelled your words correctly. (I’m doubting you meant institutions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Whoops sorry

That’s okay :wink: yours is a lot better than some people’s, but I thought I would just point it out :slight_smile: