Storefront Suggestion

I was just thinking that it’s sort of a pain to buy accessories. I like to ensure I have stuff I need to go with my new purchases, like replacement response pads and stuff like that.

Now, I know YYE does a good job of saying what is compatible and what is recommended in the description area, and I think that’s great. But, what if there were additional purchase areas under the item?

For example, I am going to purchase a Fiesta XX soon. But what if I also wanted to stock up replacement response pads? Add something under the item so I could select the response pads I want from the choices being made available that are compatible? Also, why not offer strings there as well? It just makes it easier for people to purchase additional items they may want or let them do less searching and more buying.

That’s actually a good idea sort of. Maybe more like a link to the proper pads for anything that fits that certain size recess.

Related, but I don’t know how practical this would be as this would require more work on the back end:

You need to create an account first or have a valid account for the store. Then, through that login, you can access your shopping cart. The difference here is that you have the option to SAVE your cart and if so, access your cart. For example, I may be on any one of 12 or so computers at my house doing various things, and I may say “hey, want to check out something real fast…”.

Similarly, wish/want lists(shareable or otherwise), and email notification to let you know when something gets back in stock so you can buy it.

Right now, I’m watching the item I want vanish as I wait for a client to take their time paying me.

The pads idea would be awesome! I definitely have trouble determining what size a pad is and what recess it will fit in. It would save a lot of questions on the fourm.