stop n go gt

how did he do the cross arm flying gt like that? im always getting cross armed gt

wow this is amazing!

Second person to post this today, total artist posted earlier still great even watching it again for the 10th. I’m impressed.

I remember freaking out over this one quite a while ago. And then recently freaking out over his “I be a minute GT” as taught by Charles Haycock. Now I see the “I be a minute” within this one!

Such bossness.

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no one knows how he did his flying gt?

Are you referring to the ninja vanish?

yes but he doing it cross handed but when he doing it he doesnt end in cross hand gt

Because he is still pinching and not letting go.

You can extract that portion out from here:

The yoyo lands on the string segment between the TH and NTH, instead of in the loop.

At least, if I’m understanding which part you’re after. :wink: