cross-arm gt???

ok this may sound confusing but ive benn messing around with new tricks and some old ones and i keep ending up in a cross-arm gt like i tried to do a brent stole which i have yet to learn but i landed in a cross-arm like 4 times i just tried doin a houdini whip and landed in it its so confusing wht is goin on? and i tried doin a double laceration to reverse trapeze whip and landed in one

The cross-armed brent stole is brought about by having the yo-yo hit the other string (as opposed to the one normally aimed for). If you have been moving your NTH forward, you might land the cross-armed version instead.

Off-topic: Reverse brent stole is also a concept out there, take a look at it too…

@ 34 seconds-ish


i figured it out still cant get a brent stole tho im gettin close tho