Stop and go..

Is there a Stop and go trick in a unresponsive yo-yo?
I mean a variation.


When you are doing a sleeper throw, you do a trapeze. Facing the front. Then, you make the loop as big as possible, longer than the string connecting to your middle finger. Then, you lower the loop hand (you might wanna pinch the string), so it starts to snag like in jayyo’s quick wind. Then it will come back up. That is how you do it.

If you wanna do it like andre’s video, just do a breakaway throw, then do it from a braintwister. Do what i say. Yep.

Sorry Louisezz, I don’t understand :(, I hope that you’ll make a video (for me :D)

Tell me if you have any problems.

Warning, turn down the volume before watching. The music is kinda loud.

P.s. You really might need some info, so just ask me. I was in a rush making it.

I was the second person to view your video on YouTube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the views were updated.

No you weren’t, I saw the first, and yoyofrantic saw the next one. I looked several times while it was processing too.

Yeah, I’m YoYoFantic.

Oh thank you Louisezz, thank you like a million times for making the vid! :smiley:

Oh haha, i’m embarrassed :-[

I notice that in your vids your music is Evanesence or songs that female is the vocals.
I really think that is your Favorite genre of song.


Naw, he said he likes her music, and it’s the only one YouTube doesn’t remove due to copyright. :wink: