Stock Peak Equipment?

(Mark) #1

I was wondering what bearing and string do they put stock in the Peaks from CLYW. I emailed them but I haven’t gotten a reply yet so I was wondering if you guys know.



Bearing…I’m not sure. It seems a lot like a SPEC, but plays a bit differently.

String; not a clue.

(Shisaki) #3

Idk about string but the bearing is a normal CLYW bearing but the special edition ones like the ones where they make only 20 or something like that comes with their ceramic bearings.


like Shisaki said, the Special Edition Peak yo-yos (avb only on CLYW’s website) come with a ceramic bearing, but the standard ones come with a standard stainless bearing.

(Mark) #5

Ok. I know about the Ceramics and I wasn’t sure about the regular ones because they have been putting in SPECs when they were out of theirs. I really want to know the string though.


Its just one string…

(Mark) #7

I know. But I like that string alot.


The stock string is a Highlight. And the stock bearing is kind of like gm user said, it is stainless steel like a SPEC but plays a little differently. I personally prefer it over a SPEC.