CLYW Peak 2: Is this a pixel bearing?

just got this last week, wondering if the bearing is indeed a pixel bearing?


thanks in advance

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Looks like a center track.


any reason why retailer would swap it out? it did say pixel bearing from the specs

A Pixel should look like this with multiple cuts

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Which retailer? Did you contact them?

Also, sometimes manufacturers swap out which bearing they use in newer runs. I know this is happening with the Edge Beyond.


no… not yet as i only found out now it is a centre trac…


The Pixel bearing is no more. Modern CLYW’s ship with centre trac. The first run of the Peak 2 did come with the Pixel bearing, as did some others including 1st run Kayak, Dune, Kodiak until all those Pixel’s had gone.


That’s Center Track Bearing…


Any thoughts on the pixel bearing vs center track?

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Pixel bearings are FAR better than centre tracks in my opinion. In fact I’ve NEVER liked centre track bearings - have always immediately pulled them out and replace with a KK or NSK or DS


100% agree. Pixel is greaaaat!!! Smooth, durable, long lasting, and considerably quiet.


where is a good source to get these bearings? seems not all are available on yoyoexpert

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Honestly after being sponsored by CLYW for the longest time I have to say that Pixels were a big hit or miss. The quality control of those were very inconsistent, when you got a good one they would play great but a most of the ones that I got into my hands were pretty bad and Iyoyo and CLYW have stopped using them for this reason.

Center tracs are also inconsistent but the percentage of bad bearings is a lot lower than the pixels and when you get a good Center Trac it can even play on par with a nsk.

I ship all of my yoyos from Reykjavik Return Tops with CT but personally hand test every single one from the factory to make sure they don’t go out with a bad bearing.


Yeah retailer has no reason to swap out a bearing, the description on the website probably just hasn’t been updated for the new run.

And for the Edge Beyond it only makes sense for YYF to downgrade the bearing, the pricy plated NSK in it made the retail price of that yoyo too high for a lot of people and the new run with the CT’s seems a lot more reasonable for the average consumer. I like the idea of just having the option of an upgrade available to the customer.