Steve Brown infomercial


Have you guys ever seen this?

I admire Steve and mean no disrespect by posting this!

(Steve Brown) #2

Well, I put it up on my own Vimeo channel so I can’t imagine how you could somehow mean any disrespect by posting it. :wink:

It’s pretty hilarious stuff. And the best part? That kit I was hawking contained Freehand 1s. Think about how many random moms and grandmothers snapped up Freehand 1s for random kids who probably played with them for a week and then pitched them into the bottom of their toy box…


:wink: funny stuff!


Man, those TV sales people are willing to say anything in order to sell units.

Still, it was a really fun video to watch.


Steve you should have “accidently” dropped the counterweight and hit the lady with the yoyo on “accident” :wink:


“This yoyo is specially designed to make you look really cool.”

Words cannot describe the lulz


Steve Brown: “He does it good.”
Seriously, you pulled that infomercial of really well. Dare I say I actually enjoyed an infomercial?!


How many did you sell?


I think this is a good example of how good team can combine to effectively move product.

Steve Brown is not only an amazing player, but he knows how to demonstrate the product and engage the observer but visually but speaking as well.

The lady is more of a barker for lack of a better term, but she understands how to “fill in the gaps” to try to lure in interest.

Let Steve do his thing, let the lady from QVC do her thing…

Ideally, this is the sort of thing that works. At YoLex, this is constantly done but in a more subliminal manner. It’s also done to a lesser extend at contests

This is also an interesting clip because it shows yet another avenue that Duncan has pursued in order to move their product. I know I’ve seen telelvision ads, I think I’ve also seen magazine and other print ads in my time. My only questions are “approximately when was this taped” and “when did it air?”. I’m sure I could get the time frame if I researched when the yoyo came out.

Good stuff. Excellent presentation style: Demonstrator and barker. It’s trued and true and works.

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Based on everything I’ve seen, I’d say about 2001-2002.


Now I want to buy one. Lol


I wanna be cool like Steve brown!


That is awesome. I would love to see other companies do parodies of this.

Imagine Paul Dang and Doctor B doing a Cascade commercial, Jensen and Chuck doing a Cliff commercial, or Bo and Drew doing a Barracuda commercial.

There could be some really good stuff there. :slight_smile:


Maybe each company should choose a few models and do similar 1 minute “commercials” for their product? That would be a neat idea. Regardless if it goes over the air or not, even if it’s just online, I think they would be well received. While one demonstrates, the other is pitching.

I think though that Jensen should do his by himself. I think his sense of humor and wit combined with his skill would make a good presentation. But we can’t do it that easy either. He’d have to go chromakey it so he can present on one take, then do the pitch on another take, then put them together in post production.




Who doesn’t? :slight_smile: Great sense of humor to boot. That ballet yoyo video of his makes me laugh! Shown that to a bunch of non-throwers and it blows their minds!


all of this and a great mustache.


I love the commercial.
I do think it is funny though that in the info-commercial, Steve doesn’t mention that the yoyo can actually be attached to the finger as per a “normal” yoyo. Would this have added to sales?
Wow, $16.95 and a video…we had to buy just the yoyo for 40+ dollars here in Australia back in the day.
Love to find a few now. : )


Hah that was cool


haha that was my favorite part. Now I have to buy it to learn how to be cool like him