Stephen Cameron's yoyo edit.

Wanted to do a little combo or two for a 3ish month video.
Tell me what you think, Filmed with a fisheye lens!
Also would like to show you more of the guy at the end, but i decided not to because each sentence is laced with swears even though they were in normal context. If you ever come to Boston folks, don’t talk to strangers!

You’re in Boston? Sweet. Tell ElendilAndurilz that because we’re going to be getting something together there for when I come over the summer. :smiley:

Nice dude. That was really smooth and just beastly.

Alright Ill shoot him a PM.
Thanks for the complements, I’m pretty proud of the video myself. That thumbgrind-GT-Fingergrind-Thumbgrind came from my mind =)

that was impressive

that’s sick

What did the guy say? I can’t hear it that well

Thanks =)

Thank you =)
Yeah it is hard to hear. sadly i cant figure out how to change it.
But he said “What are you running lines? oh its a yoyo my bad my bad” then he kept talking lol, but due to language reasons i couldnt put it in the vid. Hes a creeper, if you look at my first combo, hes in the background to the left haha.