Steel City Throwers Contest (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hello everyone,
I wanted to reach out to everyone to spread the word about a new contest starting up in the Pittsburgh area. The contest is called Steel City Throwers. It will be held on October 16th at Carnegie Stage in Carnegie PA (south of Pittsburgh, near the area of PIT international airport). The contest will be filled with multiple divisions including: amateur, trick ladder, Pro 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and even an opened division for fixed axel. We will be following all the recommended health practices from the CDC to keep everyone safe at the contest. We will aslo have yoyocontest central be there to live stream and film the contest if you cnat make it. More information can be found on our Instagram page @Steelcitythrowers or on our website ( ). If you have any questions about the event, feel free to let us know :slight_smile:
We hope to see you in October!



Wanted to let everyone know the website has been updated and music upload is now available.

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Fixed axel division is now available for the contest!

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Any updates in 2023?

I just took a peak at their Facebook group, it looks like it was held in January of this year.

I also found some YouTube videos of some results

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Nice… Wish I can find a way to connect to them. Really want to see some other throwers

Hey, thank you so much for the interest. We are planning on doing it again in January, but are currently working on finding our venue to get the date we want. We will post on the form when we get an official date and venue.


Look forward to going this year.

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That was awesome!!!