Steam summer sale! WITH GIVEAWAYS!

Giving away games on as close to a daily basis as possible. Keep an eye on this thread and the YYE Steam group ( The ways of getting free games will differ greatly.

Post your Steam sale purchases here.

I’ve got Super Street Fighter IV Arcade edition so far.

I’m throwing some small giveaways for you guys now, just because I feel like it!

Trace down the information to our YYE steam group in this forum, add me as a friend, and send me a message saying “This is not minecraft!” gets a free copy of the game terraria on steam!

Aww i just bought mine terraria anyways some games i purchesed are

the dream machine
lone survivor

plan on getting more though ;D

got anno 2070, metro 2033, and the penumbra pack

too bad im on mac…

Bought binding of Isaac. There’s a one-hour timewindow where you can get that game for free if you send me “This game also works on Mac” via Steam chat.

…does TF2 count? :smiley:

Terraria is still up for grabs. The Binding of Isaac is gone. If Bastion appears in the community deal, that game will be for giveaway for a short period.

So Bastion is on sale. I’ve played through that game and it is pretty darn epic. Send me a message through Steam saying “That’s some great storytelling!” and get this amazing action-RPG for free.

I’ll be online for about 1 more hour, and that’s the timewindow you have to get the game for free. I would really love to just stash it up, but seeing that there isn’t much interest in this, I don’t want to risk filling up my inventory with games I never get to give away.

Bastion is now gone!

I bought Frozen Synapse today, not realizing that it came with an extra free copy. So this kinda spoils the next giveaway. I will figure out a creative way to hand this game out. Might do a small forum game or something.

Giveaway is postponed due to lack of interest. Terraria still up for grabs.

Got Bastion, Section 8: Prejudice, and Source Filmmaker…YAY!