Stealing Tricks?

Im trying to build a 5A freestyle for Ohio States… I like 5A a bit more, and have more fun with it… I just realized though… I suck… And dont even know three minutes worth of tricks… Thats a long time when you think about it… I only have about 45 seconds of rutine so far.

I was wondering… Is it wrong to steal other players tricks and use them? Like Tyler Severance’s 5A Gyro Flop or Under the Leg Combo (From Cal states 2010) or maybe Beversticks or somthing else from Tie McClellen?

What do you guys think?

Hmm, it depends. It’s not stealing but plagiarizing?

i look at it this way, Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

if anything take the trick and add some of your own flare to it

I wouldn’t say that… If needed I’m more than willing to cite my sources, and not planning to take credit as its my own trick…

I think a lot of kids do it anyway. Has tyler or beverchakus made a tutorial on it. If they did then I say use it cause he gave it to the world.

I steal tricks all the time, and so do a lot of players better than you or me. Go for it.

BTW, JonRob actually made up that flop and Beverchakus isn’t the most original to begin with, so you are just stealing tricks from people that stole them.

It’s perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with it. Just copy off of them. :wink:

Well, some tricks are from tuts… (Beversticks), and others I’ve figured out myself (Tylers JonRobs Gyro flop)

Did he really? Thats kinda awesome…

Tyler also made one up. It is in the DE 5A Video (archived at It is a little cooler in my opinion because it is from a triangle not just a toilet mount.

It’s hard to be original nowadays, so sometimes you’ll end up stealing something unintentionally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you think you made this super awesome trick that nobody’s seen before, then you see an eight year old kid doing it like it’s nobody’s business.

I cant find the video… And whats a toilet mount? Is that just the double or nothing double wrapped for the flop?

edit: nm… found it. its pretty amazing…

A toilet mount is anything where the die is stuck in the string formation…