starting a washington state yoyoclub... I've got a venue... interested??


Hello everyone! I’ve always dreamed of being able to throw at a yoyo club similar to the old seattle based "strung out crew " on a regular basis. An opportunity to mix, mingle, trade tricks, learn and teach our wonderful sport and hobby would be tremendously fun for me “I know it sure used to be”… I own a shop in the heart of down town Ellensburg washington… the shop happens to be a Private 420 friendly hookah bar, it’s got both indoor and outdoor seating, a beautiful garden with plenty of seating even a fire pit and a koy fish pond… food and beverages are served along with the traditional hookah tobacco pipe… therefore you have to be at least 18 with valid identification to even be on the property… I can’t emphasize how perfect this venue would be for a yoyo club or even a small competition… if I got something set up regularly for all my fellow Washingtonians… would you be willing to come have meetings learn and teach? there is free wifi, netflix, and full on satellite tv and wall rattling sound… I myself am a yoyoer, balisong enthusiast, juggler… but my staff all spin poi, and are incredibly talented with rave style light gloves… its kind of the perfect melding of skill toys already… I feel like this could be cool for all of the yoyocommunity! I always love meeting other throwers and making new friends! NOW WHAT SAY YOU??? I wish I could have the youngsters throw with us but it’s legally impossible!!! Answers please!

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if you really want the youngters to throw find another place… is there a small park nearby those usually work pretty well unless its raining…