Stargazer vs StarGeyser


I’m trying to decide between one of these. Which one would you choose, and why? Really looks just like the StarGeyser is a heavier version of the Stargazer, in the same way the Gleipnir is a heftier version of the Sleipnir. But i don’t know.
I already have a Sleipnir, a Mr. Butcher and a e=mc2 for reference.



The Stargeyser pretty much is just a heavier version of the Stargazer. Not sure if it’s the extra weight or if the rims are a bit less rounded, but the Stargeyser gives a bit of a sharper hit to the palm on binds.



Thank you. And i’m guessing you would choose the Stargazer since it’s listed as your favourite. Why is that, if i may ask? :slight_smile:


I didn’t personally feel that the StarGeyser was all that heavy, in fact, I thought it played pretty fast.


I like the StarGeyser better. Reminds me a lot of a small Sleipnir.


Thankyou! Anyone else?

(UmeNagisa) #7

Okay, the Stargazer feels like a smaller, much more floaty Sleipnir.
it feels more elegant on the string, smoother more flowy.

the Stargeyser feels not just smaller but like a “compressed” sleipnir.
it feels a bit more clunky, but it is faster and has more momentum behind it.


Soo… I’m guessing the StarGeyser is more stable… or?

(UmeNagisa) #9

Hmm, Not really. The stability is about the same, In my opinion of course.


Which one would you choose then? :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #11

I prefer light and floaty, go StarGazer all the way!
I’m hoping to get my hands on another.


Man that weight difference makes much of a difference in play. I feel like the StarGeyser keeps you under control, while the StarGazer is egging you on to go all out. I like the StarGazer better because I love going all out, but you really can’t go wrong with either.


Fixed. In any case, I’ve got a different favourite every day and the Stargeyser just happened to be my throw of the day the last time I updated my profile.