Stargazer vs StarGeyser

I’m trying to decide between one of these. Which one would you choose, and why? Really looks just like the StarGeyser is a heavier version of the Stargazer, in the same way the Gleipnir is a heftier version of the Sleipnir. But i don’t know.
I already have a Sleipnir, a Mr. Butcher and a e=mc2 for reference.


The Stargeyser pretty much is just a heavier version of the Stargazer. Not sure if it’s the extra weight or if the rims are a bit less rounded, but the Stargeyser gives a bit of a sharper hit to the palm on binds.


Thank you. And i’m guessing you would choose the Stargazer since it’s listed as your favourite. Why is that, if i may ask? :slight_smile:

I didn’t personally feel that the StarGeyser was all that heavy, in fact, I thought it played pretty fast.

I like the StarGeyser better. Reminds me a lot of a small Sleipnir.

Thankyou! Anyone else?

Okay, the Stargazer feels like a smaller, much more floaty Sleipnir.
it feels more elegant on the string, smoother more flowy.

the Stargeyser feels not just smaller but like a “compressed” sleipnir.
it feels a bit more clunky, but it is faster and has more momentum behind it.

Soo… I’m guessing the StarGeyser is more stable… or?

Hmm, Not really. The stability is about the same, In my opinion of course.

Which one would you choose then? :slight_smile:

I prefer light and floaty, go StarGazer all the way!
I’m hoping to get my hands on another.

Man that weight difference makes much of a difference in play. I feel like the StarGeyser keeps you under control, while the StarGazer is egging you on to go all out. I like the StarGazer better because I love going all out, but you really can’t go wrong with either.

Fixed. In any case, I’ve got a different favourite every day and the Stargeyser just happened to be my throw of the day the last time I updated my profile.