(Owen) #1

I’m so excited for this movie, how many of y’all plan on seeing it?


I’ll be there for sure.


I’ll have to watch it too, I’m a big Trekkie. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah :wink:


I thought that the first movie was okay. But this one looks great thanks to the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch.


Talented actor. But more importantly, his name is “Benedict Cumberbatch” and that is simply awesome.

(NotATyrant) #7

Aw yeah! Midnight screeening!!!


I’m hoping to see it. Looks intense.


Bff midnight. The movie theater around the corner of my house is showing it at 9


It looks like a good movie, just not a great star trek movie.


Loved the first one. Definitely seeing the second.


yep, I have see all the Trek movies in the big screen, can’t miss this one!


Am I the only one who got a kick out of this? :wink:


It gave me pause, too. But then I was like, “bah, I know what they meant”. :wink:


Oh, let me have my small victories. :slight_smile:




Right here.