Anybody see it? I personally loved it. Probably the best movie of the year so far IMO.

I was going to.

I has two top actors (actress) as the main roles…it has to be good.
But then I though, they’re probably floating in space screaming and yelling 90% of the movie…

I’ll just wait until it’s on DVD and rent it for $1 :slight_smile:

I’ve definitely heard praise about this film
I have yet to see it though

I disagree, I didn’t like it a single bit. Wasted my money and time on it, and it reminds me of Buried. Your mileage may vary though, just my humble opinion, no offense to anyone.

It was amazing.

I kinda wanna see it, ill probably just wait for DVD.

Is it gonna be like 127 hours? Where the person is stuck there trying to get out the whole movie?

Yeah, I guess you could say that, the story mainly takes place in space.

I really would like to see this. In my Computer class we are spoof investing and I invested in TWX. Nice profits so far.

I do like space a lot so it could be enjoyable for me.

Once you get to a certain point though, you start to yell at the inaccuracies.

Haha :smiley:

Also another reason I wanna see it is for the ending, like how does she get back, or does she die (I think it would be good if she did)