Standard YYF pad dimensions


Hey doods, I was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions on standard YYF pads? I need to know the inner and outer diameter as well as the thickness(depth).



I think you need to specify the yoyo. I have 3 different YYF yoyos and they all have something different. Currently YYE lists 4 different sizes: 19 mm OD, 21 mm OD, small pad CBC, and flea pads.


Just the standard 19mm cbc slim pad :wink:


So, you want to know what size that fits in your YYF yoyo?

I don’t understand, you asked, he answered different types, then you said which one.


I may be wrong but I think he needs it to put a response groove into a design.


I appreciate it but you must have not read my first post.

Exactly :slight_smile:


I got what you said, but I didn’t get when you said, “yeah 19mm” or whatever it said.

I thought from that something els.

So, you want tot know the depth length ETC. of a YYF 19mm CBC?


Yeah, the outer diameter is 19mm, I want to know the inner diameter and how thick the pads are. I just want to make sure my numbers are right for my CAD design :wink: