Response pads dimensions.

Specifically, I want to know the dimensions of 19mm pads. I could measure, but I thought I would be inaccurate. Anybody got the official specs?

14 id 19 od 1.1

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Much obliged.
What’s your source?

Those are correct.

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19 14.5 1

Well, can anyone give me a link to an official source, since there are multiple answers.
the 19 is obvious.
Based on my own measurements, the inner diameter seems to be 14.5 like kadabrium said.
Also, based on my own measurements, the thickness is slightly over 1, but that was with the sticker still on, so it could be 1 or 1.1 if I peel it off.

Checked the c3 pad, joker pad and empire pad pages on billybobs RotatingTackle. Typically 0.5mm diameter does not matter for a material as elastic as silicone, and mine seem to vary between 14 (onedrop) 14.5(joker, ir, most yyf) to 14.7(some yyf, and a certain type of Chinese bulk pad)
also thinner is better than thicker because logic, so just stick with 1

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Thanks guys.