Response Pad Sizes


So I was searching around and couldn’t really find any real specs on the size of response pads. I was wondering if anyone knew the inner and outer diameter and thickness of either a cbc slim 19mm pad, snow tires, flow groove, or a different common response pad. Thanks


Why, what yoyo do you need response for?

That way we can tell you.


I was wondering because I am attempting to design a yoyo (had a lot of free time and thought why not) and I don’t know what dimensions to put there


Try pm’ing people who make yoyos.


I recommend just machining an average 19mm recess.

Ask someone who makes yoyos how to do it.


19mm is the standard size of most response pads.


Ok. Thanks so much. Do you guys have an idea of a good depth to use? About 3 mm? 2.5? Thanks again


Probably 1.5mm. 2mm maximum?


Ok. Thanks so much


You know what?

0.75mm is probably good