how deep should i set in my response pads?


so i picked up yoyoing about a week ago by buying the cheapest yoyo possible from walmarts =P the Duncan mosquito, within three days i broke the string, i bought new strings and slim response pads with the intentions of building my own yoyo witch just received today. im plan on making a aluminum yoyo on my lathe, i already have all the dimensions figured out by i am unsure of haw deep to make the response ring groves, i would like a semi non responsive yoyo. oh and its the slim k-pad

Any thoughts?

oh are i am a very skilled lathe worker, my main hobby is building combat robots, ex:


You will want to have your response just under flush. Maybe .5mm


thats sounds like a good amount, thanks. i have one more question, is the c class the most commonly used size? (.25x.5x.187) because i have a massive stock of them (like 30+) because i use them in my robots. if so i will simply use them, it will save me money and time


yep, that’s what he yoyo community calls a c-size or large bearing. Very common indeed.


some progress
im have it next to a duncan mosquito just because i have nothing else to compare it to =P
anyway i have a lot of work to do yet groves for the pads, the bearing groves, drill and tap it, and a whole nother side to do


The design is one that may have a harmonic vibe. There have been a few people that have made a similar shape with bad luck. Who knows, Maybe your’s will be the one.


well as long as i keep them balanced and the drill and tap the centers true, i shouldn’t think there would be a problem but well see when its all done i guess

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it looks like it would have a monster rim wieght


at the moment is does but i have to take some more off because that half weights 64 grams by its self, i would like to get it down to about 45ish or so, even then it will be a heavy yoyo

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seems like a great sleeping yoyo


just about done, right now its playable but i still need to take some weight off then paint it up

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awesome what kinda lathe are you using and if you sell it for how much(my guess $65 depending on how it plays) and what kinda guts does it have(axle, bearing, pads(kpads im guessing))


its a harbor freight 9" by 20" lathe and i don’t think ill sell it for a few reasons, its way to heavy i think the last time a weighed it was something like 112 grams plus when i took that little extra off the rims i dont think i had it perfectly center because now it has a little vib to it. but it was awesomely balanced before i took more off the rims, but it weighed 132grams then. but at least i know for next time so i can make it better.

i also have some 2" nylon round stock i bought for some robotics project, i may try to do something with it, but for now i need to focus on my bots, i have three to build by the 17 of next month and im going on a 9 day vac soon witch kills some of my time =P

ill have finial pics tomorrow!!!

right forgot to add, 10-24 alloy steel bot for center axel, k-pads, and generic c class bearing


well back to the drawing board, i dont like the weight its far to excessive, so im redesigning with a bunch of changes but i may remake this yoyo someday out of nylon, it should be the perfect weight then


Looks Interesting for such a heavy thing.:slight_smile: Hoping to see your next design


Unfortunately that is not the case sometimes. I’ve seen a master machinist and owner of Big Brother yoyo’s have a design (not his design) that had this pulsing vibe problem. It was impossible to get out. Sometimes it’s the design and shape and not how perfect the parts are.


more progress

now this one is the one, it just feels right. the weight is right at 38 grams for the half so when its all done its should be around 78-80 grams with the bearing and axel. ill keep you posted but i do believe this will be the yoyo i play with for the next year or so =P


Dude, that looks illnasty! Whadda’ya gonna call it?


well after quite a bit of procrastination i have finally set some time aside and finished making my yoyo. with the c class bearing it is extremely un-responsive, with my generic bearings its fairly responsive. last thing left is to get it painted, so are there any good painters out there that want to make some money?

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That looks great.