Stainless SE's

Messing around with the lathe a while ago and never got around to putting up a pic.

Personal use SE made of stainless.

Have you considered/tried making se’s that have a divot for fingerspins? A load of people have asked for em.

Those look like they would do well for pull starts and the like. Awesome job.

I have all kinds of niffty ideas for SE’s. These are/were just trial runs for size and my tooling.

Great. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

Show us a pic of the business end :slight_smile:

That’s a blank and was just parted off. The new set is in the chuck now and will be worked on at a leisurely pace over the next week or two. Most likely will be a little different design like Dr. Awesome mentioned above.

DUDE! Tungsten SE’s!

We make them the opposite way. The business end is completed first and then the ‘blank’ can be turned into a variety of shapes.

That’s how they will be done from here on out. This was just for dimensions.

Titanium Disk SE’s for the sole purpose of sparking?
Take a rock to your yoyo xD

If you made those fingerspin SE’s I think I’d buy a pair
You could make them like the dip/axle hole in the ET Elysians cup