Stackless Superstar?

Just wondering where one can be found. I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I really can’t seem to find it anywhere.

That’d be awesome…

I’ve never heard anything about it. might just be a rumor, I’m not sure. If you’re really courious about it you can PM yoyofactoryben.


The Primo is actually different then the Superstar. If you get a Superstar, and you don’t want the stacks, just take out the Hubstacks with pliers and then the bearing and O-Ring should come out. And there’s you’re stackless Superstar.


Get an MVP

The MVP is know where near close to the superstar. Remove the hubastacks on your superstar. It plays great.

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I was just about to type that. So yeah, the MVP is nothing like a Superstar, and as I meant to say and SR said, the Superstar without stacks play awesome. :wink:

Yep. Stackless Superstar is beast.

However, im going to purchase a superstar, what difference does it make without stacks?

The Superstar is awesome without the stacks It plays like a rock with them in though.

It’s lighter, which can make it play faster. Tha’s pretty much it really.


However, can’t that result in a loss of some stability, by removing some center weight?

No removing the hubstacks makes it more stable less wobble less moving parts

YYF is going to make them. Its going to be a hit just like the genisis.

Do you have any evidence of this?