I am looking for a bimetal yoyo that has these characteristics(most to least important):
-insanely stable
-good at finger spins
-~$100 (can change a bit)
-good at grinds

Couple ideas:
Space cowboy
Wait for the space cadet?

I believe the C3yoyodesign Berserker SS is what you want to check out. I tried one and I can definitely clarify that it is stable. It has thick rims so that they will not be dislodged. At a first glance I noticed they seemed flat, but the sides do have concave hubs. Lastly if you get one with a matte finish it will be good for grinds.
The only downside is that it is listed at $179.99 but some sales on various stores can save you some money.

If you don’t mind vibe, maybe a Lithium?

The Axis Pulsefire is probably your best bet. It’s made from 7075 Aluminum which makes it more durable, and although it doesn’t have a cup specifically designed for fingerspins; the finish along with the flat cup makes it great for fingerspins and for any grinds in general.

Everything from your list is made from 6061 Aluminum so it’s not as durable, however if you want to look into 6061 aluminum yoyos as well the IYoyo Steel and Spin Dynamics Sensei are probably the best choices, especially if great fingerspins are your highest priority.

Iyoyo steel. Rims prevent dings, stable, great for fingerspins, 90$, perfectly anodized for grinds.


Thanks for all of your inputs! They are very appreciated. I actually decided on getting a space cadet (I know, no one said that :wink: ) It just caught my eye for some reason and hasn’t stopped the last few weeks I’ve had it :slight_smile: super happy with my decision thus far.