Staale at "Norway's got Talent"

Well. He signed up for it, and it didn’t go to bad. He did get a better reception than Pekka did two years ago. So that’s good, watch:

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good for him!
to bad i couldn’t understand what they were saying

Ha yeah really. It’s like it’s a different language or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

He didn’t do a very good boingy, but whatever. He did awesome either way.


Maybe some explanation about what the judges were saying??
I’m just curious… ;D

I think it breaks down to well you look like a twat :-X

You know, every time I watch stuff like this I am reminded of what tricks really drive them crazy.

Brain Twister Combos - they clapped
Spirit Bomb - they clapped

Eli Hops - They went CRAZIE
Leg Wrap Trap - Standing ovation

It’s the little things folks!

Nice find Jonas!

Nice find? This aired only 26 hours ago. Happened to be aired the only weekend of the month that I was home with my parents where I have a TV.

And yes, the judges did send him through, which is pretty cool, I guess we’ll see more yoyoers around. I don’t think he will win though, because this guy didn’t win last year:

People just want dancers or singers to win. The dancers who won last year were pretty decent though. This will probably make yoyoing more popular. And if he doesn’t win, who knows, maybe I’ll sign up next year.