Take "2" of MN States (i wish)


i really sucked at my first yoyo contest so i decided to make a movie of my routine ;D
so just tell my what you think ;D


pretty good! the only thing is to just relax . you will do fine :]

Just keep practicing and I know you will come in 1 place. That was a really good performance.

That was great. I really liked your tricks, and they’re overall feel. Nice job.

Nice song and yoyoing ;D

Good job! Really nice elements in there!
Was that a signed boss?

That was really good. Man, you rock. good recovery. but, you need to look more comfortable. look eased, relaxed, and the judges will find you a better yoer. smile a little. watch routines from pros to get what I mean. But your tricks are teriffic.

of course it’s signed. the question is by whome?

yah… it was signed by augie and tyler severance… i cant tell who the other person was… its for sale if you want it