Britain's Got Talent..!

Just Watch The Video And Listen What Simon Says (The Judge facing to your right)…

What video…?

sorry i for got to post the video! :slight_smile:

here it is!

Poor luke.
He is such a good yoyoer too.

Its too bad, but you have to admit, yoyoing isnt something for a giant stage that a huge crowd will see.

Its hard, and requires much skill, but unfortunately, shows like this aren’t really the best place for yoyoing.

Luke is an amazing 2A player though, if any style could impress the judges, it would be 2A.


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Wow, those judges are really bad judges. >:(

Happy Throwing! =]

add the vid to your original post :wink:

I just want to say, people would pay to see a yo-yo show. If it was walk the dog and all that than no. I’m pretty sure the judges were referring to what I said.

You know, not all people think other stuff is entertaining.

EG: I think sports like golf and wrestling is boring. (except mini golf)

whether yo-yoing is boring or not is a matter of preference. If Simon said it though, then that’s just a horrible opinion.

well simon is a wannabe cool person. yoyos are awsome. he knows he wish he could yo, but he cant!

ps. simon stinks :smiley:

Man those judges stink >:(

yupppp they stink…they should try how fun yoyoing is!

I totally agree with Chris. This was great freestyle but I think it wasnt very entertaining. I think most entertaining 2a player i[tr][td]s John Ando. Just look at his freestyle at 07 nats or SCR 08.

Can everyone just stop calling Simon Cowell lame. Simon Cowell is probably one of the better critiques in every show. He is right in a way. It’s not the most entertaining thing for a large crowd. Yoyos aren’t that entertaining top people that doesen’t like yoyos. And even Amanda (AKA “I don’t press the button”) pressed the button.

I also that string tricks might have been a bit more impressing. Note that Simon says “There’s only so much you can do with it.” Which probably means that Simon would have been more amazed by some string tricks.


Looping must look really simple to a normal person and I’m sure it gets repetitive really quickly.


Disagree, It is like a Reverse Double-GT Laceration. If I posted this on a YoYing site, everyone would be like “Whoa!! Awesome GT man!!! Is that a 09 Ano Gold 888!?!!? Sick, I am working on Reverse Gt!!”

But do it to Simon:
“Well, what is so special?”

Because people don’t know what you are doing and how hard it is, they think it is easy, like 2A.

People have to know what hard it is for them to appreciate. They don’t know how hard yoyoing is and they think it is a toy, but from OUR view it is amazing.

See what I am saying?

I again agree with Kim-Lan. 2A isn’t really the most crowd-pleasing type in the world I like 2A but it does tend to get kind of repetitive like in every other freestyle for 2A ive seen at least one tangler but it was a pretty good freestyle he should have tried like 5A or 4A cuz those are completely different than what most people think can be done with a yo-yo.

Oh yeah, I agree with Evan, but They still needed to understand that yoyoing is a sport, not a toy!

Happy Throwing! =]

If they realized how hard it is and how much skill you need, they would appreciate it more.

That’s why God chose us to take up this sport. We must participate in Talent Shows such as these. Now, winning contests don’t matter; we must show the skill and coordination and dedication that takes to master each trick. They like walk the dog, but we walk the parrot.