My Deadly SpINS Audition

With a couple guest appearances from my dog. The volume on the speaking part was a little low, im working on getting a new camera soon. the quality was suckish.

Let me know what you guys think. Making videos isnt my strong suit but I think this one was decent.

Sweet video, Rafael!

You seem really dedicated, and I like your tricks. I’m looking forward to the deadline so we can find out how we did. ITS KILLING ME!!!

Thakns:) Im excited to see who makes it too.

Some really neat stuff with false knots in there!

Sweet video man!

I’m betting that you, Alex, and/or Cole are gonna get on Deadly SpINS.

Thanks to you both. We’ll see what happens. Deadline for entries is tomorrow

Is today Wednesday?

Oh my god.

you are by far my favorite unsponsored yoyoer… I’ve never seen you throw before… which is a shame, but I can honestly say they would be stupid not to take you on the team. Good luck!

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You really don’t know how much that means to me, thank you for the support :slight_smile:

Hehe. Indeed.

The wait is killing me…

Pun intended?

I’m just hope that if I don’t make it, the personally tell me

I wish … Lol