I got my SR-71 for my birthday and I realized how much smoother and faster play it had than my Maverick! It shoots back at my hand when I do split bottom mounts, but I bet that’ll go away. The loop knot I have on doesn’t twist or hurt my finger and it’s so much lighter! It even spins longer then my 2 month played Maverick! Just realized that the strings from Yomega are crappy! And I have 10 of them waiting for me!(my opinion) ;D Great throws from YYJ! (Only one thing-Is it bad that the bearing is deshielded?)

Not at all, deshielding a bearng is a common practice, have you cleaned the maverick bearing?

Nope, probably won’t for a long time…

did it come with two bearings like most mid range yyj. because the second bearing makes it unresponsive

good on ya, glad your enjoying yoyo as it should be!
you have the new maverick? OR the old maverick?