Square Kendama project

Just a short demo I threw together of the first ever square kendama. :wink:
Stay tuned for an update on the project soon

After many hours with a coping saw, elmer’s glue, a circular saw, clamps, an angle grinder, and a drill, it’s ready.

Next to my steeze kendama

big cup

side view

little cup




tested it, and it works! it’s a little harder to use than a traditional kendama, but it’s still great fun, and even more rewarding when you land something. The cutouts in the cups actually work decently well, but I thought of a better way to try to do them if I make more of these. This took several full days to make though, because I had to let the glue dry fully for each step, which was rather time consuming. I would like to make it a bit smaller (The first one I made was before I had ever actually seen a kendama in person, and since I already had those dimensions, I just used them again)

Dude, that was boss.

Daaaang, can’t believe my idea is already coming to life!

That’s America kid!

Sorry, but I’m older than you.

Just a pet peeve I have (When people younger than me call me “kid” or “bud” or some other form of a word that implies that I am younger than them)

So… it turns out making this out of super lower quality wood that splits far too easy isn’t possible. I tried using what I had in my back yard already (which was a square bedpost from a crappy ikea bed) and it didn’t work out well. I’ll try again with higher quality stuff over the weekend.

It was just a joke.

Chill, its just for fun. No need to be so serious.

Updated ;D
I recorded a small demo of this as well, but it’s largely the same as the first, so not sure if I’m gonna take the time to edit it and post it.