SPYY's Official News Thread - Amplifier Pro Series


Yes, it’s finally shipping to stores after it’s release at the US Nats!


The Revenger is wide, solid and an absolute riot to throw! It’s our widest model to date, making the Pro look like it’s little brother in comparison. It tips the width-o-meter at a whopping 48mm :slight_smile: I took a balanced approach to its design, creating an aggressive, dominating profile with great weight distribution and playability.

This player is totally breathtaking with its stunning graphics, a monstrous catch zone profile and wild splash colors… The only downside is having to take it apart to squeeze it into your pockets!

The Revenger “Death Throw” Specifications:
Diameter: 53.85mm
Width: 48mm
Weight: 66g
Gap: 4.25
Bearing: Large size C, stainless steel
Finish: bead blasted, splash anodized and laser engraved
Colorways: black/orange, red/gold, purple/silver



I WANT!!! What DAY will they drop? I get paid soon…


I estimate less than two weeks. Shipping from Canada can take some time.


The purple one with silver splash made my pants drop :smiley:

(DOGS) #5



Nate is really good with a yo-yo. I mean really. Have you seen him use one? It’s like watching a leopard tear an antelope in half. He has been in the yo-yo scene for a long time and is still relevant. His style is as smooth as two eagles ma…king love as they fall out of the sky. His tricks range from the serious to the irreverent, and can make captive pandas procreate instantly.

When he’s not blowing minds with his yo-yo tricks; Nate is a bartender and body piercer in New Orleans.

welcome on board Nate!


i love his style :smiley:


Aaaaaaaaaand we have a Facebook page:


congrats to nate and congrats on the facebook page!


You may have already heard the news regarding our latest release, but here it is in the event that you haven’t…

The Amplifier is a culmination of everything we’ve learned over the years about all-out performance and balance. We pushed our design and manufacturing limits to produce this ultimate example of optimized weight distributions and mass centralization. The resulting shape is surprisingly organic and stunning in appearance, while it’s playability is extremely empowering and long spinning with exacting precision.

“This machine kills tricks” is a statement we’ve adopted for this release, as it accurately describes the feeling one gets while manipulating this no-compromises “machine” through a series of moves!

SPYY fans will no doubt welcome this throw into their arsenals of competition level hardware.

The Amplifier Specs are as follows:
Weight: 68.5 grams
Width: 42mm
Diameter: 56.5mm
Gap Width: 4.25mm
Bearing: Large (Size C), stainless, dry
Response: Central Bearing Co. slim pads. Also accepts flowable silicone
Finish: Smooth anodized in “Green Flash”, “Icy Blue” and “Plasma Burn”
String: 100% poly, yellow