Hello folks, and thanks for reading this review. I’ve been meaning to do this one for awhile so here goes…

This is the first Spyy that I bought. I was really attracted to the design and aggressive look. One half is gun metal grey with black splash and the other is black with gun metal grey splash. I mean this thing has looks! If ever there was a yoyo that looked cool and tough, this is it,

The packaging is a litle dry for my taste compared to what Duncan uses or Henry’s even. But it’s a minor point.

The profile or shape of this Undersized yoyo is very very similar to the Protostar, almost exact, just a few degrees off in slope, so I figured it would handle excellent since I have a protostar, it seemed like a good choice.

What I like about this yoyo is that its undersized, has looks that kill, a COOL name, and has a low walled gap, which I always say makes for great string play with very little to no drag at all. It handles everything you can throw at it with good binds. There is good float to this yoyo, and speed as well. (Plays slow or fast). You can do IRG’s and finger grinds good enough, however the surface of the yoyo is not as smooth or slick like the Chaotic, or the Quark or the 888 for example.

Here are the Specs:

Diameter: 49.50 mm / 1.95 inches
Width: 41.00 mm / 1.61 inches
Gap Width: 4.5 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67 grams
Response: Recessed silicone pads
Accepts flowable silicone Bearing Size: CBC Center Trac Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

The Stryker comes with a floating axle which at first had me worried about centering it everytime I took it apart, but since I have learned that the axle fills in both holes fully when the halves are screwed together so there is no further issue.

There are some draw backs to the design in my opinion on 2 fronts which limit my enjoyment with this throw.

First, the yoyo is not very comfortable in your palm. This one has very pronounced corners or edges that feel kinda sharp and can make returns uncomfortable and even hurtful sometimes, whereas the YYF 888 or the String Theory Quark, or YYF Chaotic are all nicely contoured and super comfy in the palm and on returns.

Second, the spike look I thought was cool at first and I thought it to be useful with tricks somehow, but it’s just there for cosmetic purposes and added weight. And here is where the problem is in my view. The Stryker just doesn’t measure up when it comes to decent spin times. In it’s weight class, The 888 beats it, the Singularity beats it 3X over, the Protostar too, well u get the point. And it’s all because of the extra density and weight placed over the axle. It counteracts the added rim weight effect. Yoyos wth no spike or exposed axles have very little weight there and provide better spin times. The Chaotic is the best example I can think of, has no weight over the axle and all heavy rim weight pushing outward. The Chaotic weighs 1 gram less than the Styker at 66 grams, and beats it hands down.

To conclude, this buy was on impulse mostly because of the look. I like the yoyo, but in my experience it does not outperform other Spyy models with no spikes or other yoyo’s in my collection with no spikes. Cool looking but there are better options.


I’ve not found any spin time problems at all with the Stryker. Those spikes don’t just add center weight, they also allow for matador tricks. But what you have to consider here with weight distribution isn’t just the presence of center weight, which all yoyos have, but also the percentages of where weight is distributed. The Styker is actually very rim weighted as a percentage of overall weight, which is why it gives the excellent spin times mine produces. I actually find it to be quite on par with the 888 as far as spin goes, if not outperforming it, while also being more stable than an 888. Of course, not every yoyo will float everyone’s boat, but it’s a bummer you’re not digging it.

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The picture where it’s between the the 888 and chaotic makes it look friggin sexy

Yea it’s not my favorite but still like to throw it around now and then. Some yoyos have way less center weight which really shows. Like the Chaotic, have you tried that one?? You’ll see how much better it performs over the Stryker. Anyway, thanks for the input, it helps add to the review!

Hehe, I do think this is a sexy throw for sure… hehe

I have tried the Chaotic and found it very rim weighted with great spin times on a good throw, but rather unforgiving. There are trade-offs that companies make in designing their yoyos regarding degree of stability, maneuverability, spin time, regen-ability, etc. And a yoyo can’t be everything and mesh with everyone’s preferences.

I guess the chaotic can be unforgiving on a bad throw, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. I consider if the Stryker had an exposed axle like the yuuksta, or chaotic or spyy supra, it would be an even better player, well and awesome player. And furthermore, soften those angles a bit too because ouch!