SPYY Solaris 1st impression.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 67g
Gap: 4.25mm
Response: CBC silicone pads
Bearing: stainless, size C (large)
Finish: bead blasted & splash anodized
String: yellow 100% poly
I received my SPYY Solaris today and I must say, SPYY’s venture into the H-Profile has resulted in an extremely speedy and floaty player that will definitely make an impression with H-profile aficionados. SPYY seems to have nixed their , what seems to be signature, hub spike, for a more flat hub with setscrew holes.
On the first throw I was extremely satisfied to find this 67 gram full-size player to be simply floating at the bottom of my string. With dead on precision and a 4.25mm gap this player glides across the string like a kayak on a dead lake. I could not believe how fast of a throw this is as well, and the CBC Sili pads give way to tight and comfortable binds.
On the second throw I am happy to report that this will continue to be my daily throw for quite a while, I’m not a reviewer, so this was more so just my first impression. I definitely hope people give this one a chance.

Nice review!
Can you compare it to the Avalanche ?

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IMO theyre not comparable lol. They play alot different for ME, I use my Solaris for 5a and would NOT however use my Avalanche, But they’re both excellent throws!! And i’m sure many would have a different opinion, but they “feel” entirely different.
Here’s some comparison pics:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



I mostly interested in the weight differences between the Solaris and the Avalanche
Which is lighter on the string in your opinion ?

thanx again :slight_smile:

CLYW Avalanche:
• Diameter: 55.5 mm
• Width: 43.0 mm
• Gap: 4.14mm
• Weight: 67.2 g
• Bearing: Size C Steel 8-Ball
• Response: Flowable Silicone

SPYY Solaris:
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 40mm
Weight: 67g
Gap: 4.25mm
Response: CBC silicone pads
Bearing: stainless, size C (large)

I personally feel that the Solaris is MUCH lighter on the string and much more floaty and quick. Don’t get me wrong tho. I <3 my Avalanche! But the Solaris is going into my case of throws that will NEVER be traded.

How is it for 5a?

ATM this is my Main 5a throw. :slight_smile:

Cool Beans

I’d be interested how this compares to the Supernova and Supernova Lite…

my new SPYY Solaris

Wait a minute, you got a second one, is it really that good?

Why would you want 2
/Frowns with envy

Cuz i got a really good offer for the first one and i took him up on it. and no i could NOT go without my Solaris, so yes, i bought a second one.

If you could only have one which would it be ???

…hmm… I love em both, but the Avalanche.

Which one do you think has a longer spin time? Solaris or Genesis(the new version) Not the hubstacked one though. I don’t know if you have the Genesis but if you don’t how long is the solaris’ spin time?

Difficult to say, I do not play stock bearings, Terrapin X all the way.

I feel that aside from my CLYW Avalanche, my SPYY Solaris is my smoothest and fastest throw, I’m beyond impressed, actually went into my “do not trade” case :slight_smile:

As compared to a YYF Genesis, I played around a little bit with one of those newer like puke looking colorways, and I could never ever compare it to a Solaris, I hope someone else chimes in, as I do not own one myself. (being a Genesis).

Sorry I couldn’t be moar helpful.

Agreed. My hand fights over which one it wants to throw from time-to-time.

Agreed. My hand fights over which one it wants to throw from time-to-time.
My Hands don’t need to cause I only have one good throw. :frowning: