SPYY SKYY Chaser: A High Speed YoYo Review

About a month ago I had a chance to purchase, and throw, my first SPYY product the Flying V. That yo-yo intrigued me because it was the signature yo-yo of one of my favorite players, Ed Haponik, who has a flow and old school style that appeals to me. After my exceptional experiences with the V, I decided that I needed to throw more yo-yos by SPYY. I needed to see if they were a one hit wonder or if they were the real deal. It just so happened that my friend Adam Hunter came to my aid and sent me a picture of a prototype that SPYY was putting out called the SKYY Chaser. Seeing the design of this new yo-yo, and the specs, I knew I had to try it. So, I e-mailed Steve Buffel at SPYY and asked if it would be possible to purchase one direct. He said yes and the rest is history, now we will get a chance to see if the sky is the limit or if it falls like a lame duck.

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Awesome review. I want one now!

Then go get one now, they are available directly from SPYY and will probably be showing up here soon. Steve just posted on the SPYY Blog that they are shipping to stores.