spyy ronin w/matching luna ukulele - $150 shipped!!!

small sale to clear some stuff i never use and rarely even look at.

1.) a half-blue/half-gray 1st run spyy ronin AND a ‘matching’ concert-size ‘great wave’ ukulele made by luna guitars.
both the yo-yo and the uke are in like-new condition. i’ve probably played both for under an hour total in controlled conditions. the uke is very well made, with a print of hokusai’s ‘great wave off kanagawa’ on the top, geared tuners, great action, and a gig bag. it sounds awesome. i’m looking to sell it because i prefer soprano ukes and it plays a bit like a guitar to me (i’m a bassist). a great looking uke and would be perfect for a first ‘real’ ukulele. usually retails for $90.
looking for $150 shipped for the uke AND the yo-yo - do the math.

2.) red 2010 g5.
not even sure if i’ve ever thrown this. pristine. i’ll throw in a set of charcoal ricestacks, which i would imagine would look pretty durn classy.
$40 shipped.

3.) orange northstar.
i threw it at the birdhouse demo, but that’s it. like new with either a center-trac or flat bearing. great yo-yo; i just prefer the starlight.
$20 shipped ($15 with either of the above)

4.) ‘fake’ duncan mg
this is a silicone-recessed freehand zero with 1st-gen mg caps. to get the caps off i had to drill holes in them. the holes are covered with paper on the inside (if you take it off they whistle - no lie). one of the caps had some hairline cracking (shown) which i fixed with superglue (they do come off). plays great; i just have a real mg AND another fake red mg. i’ll include a black skull counterweight.
$20 shipped (15 with anything above)

5.) pair of orange/green-yellow unleasheds.
bought em at bac and because i mostly loop with wood, they gather dust. great yo-yo’s for learning 2a.
$20 shipped (or $10 with anything else)

shipping = usps priority
$ = paypal
not really looking for trades unless it involves tk no jives or possibly some spyy stuff.

ive got a green addiction, 3rd run i think.
im interested in your ronin and the pair of unleashed =)

ive got other throws to offer… and ive got better rep on YYZ

apologies. the unleasheds were sold (as were the g5 & northstar). not looking for an addiction i’m afraid.

okiedoke matey, cheers for gettin back to me ^^ that ronin is super tastey tho XD