SPYY, Dif E Yo, Foxland for Sale or Trade--All Gone!


alright guys, here’s my first b/s/t. I know since I’m new to this that I’ll be expected to ship first or whatever, so I have no problem with that, as long as you have positive feedback. These are a few of the yo-yo’s that my girlfriend and I don’t use as much as we’d like, so we thought we would see what we could get for them. Here goes:

[s]This is my girls Dif E Yo Tank. It’s raw, so it has all the typical marks you’d associate with a raw yo-yo, but nothing other than surface marks. It plays super smooth, and it’s a great yo-yo. The only reason she’s getting rid of it is because she picked up a red SpinGear Tank on eBay a few weeks ago, so she doesn’t need 2 Tanks. Sorry the picture is kinda weak, but this thing is hard to photograph because of the glare. I’ll gladly take and send more pictures if anyone is interested.

$65 or best offer.[/s]

[s]Foxland Precision Foxtail. Absolutely mint. It’s a great yo-yo, just a little too oversized for our tastes. It probably has less than an hour of total throw-time on it. Any flaws in the picture are dust. This thing is perfect, I assure you.

$40 or best offer.[/s]

[s]SPYY Addict. Green bead blasted version. I absolutely LOVE this yo-yo. I’m not sure I want to get rid of it. I just don’t throw it much, because I’m honestly afraid to ding it. It’s absolutely mint condition. I have no idea what bearing came in it, but on a flick test, it spins longer than anything else I’ve ever tried. The finish is perfect for grinding, and the spike is razor sharp. Again, any marks you see are dust. This thing is perfect in every way.

Make me an offer.[/s]

I’m willing to trade or sell, it totally depends on the offer. I’m also willing to do package deals and negotiate, so feel free to throw offers at me. Also, don’t be afraid to offer bigger stuff, because i’m willing to add cash or possibly other items in to make a trade happen. Also, I’ll throw in extra strings, counter weights, pads, stickers, whatever you want, just because I’m awesome. Please, PM me with offers though. No need to clutter up the thread.

Also, if you offer trades, I’m not worried about a few dings or whatever. As long as it doesn’t affect performance, that’s fine.

Don’t be afraid to offer. I won’t be offended. Try me!

Looking for:

Vs. Newton
Duncan Mods
Interesting, unique stuff
Offer away. Let’s see what you’ve got








Hi, I would have a black yuuksta (1 small ding, I can take a picture if you want) for trade if you’re interested.

no feedback tho, this would actually be my 1st trade




you didn’t reply to my pm :wink:


My bad dude! I was getting to my pm’s in a little bit. I’ll get back to you today!



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