Which color do you like best for the new punchline repeater?
the green/black acid wash
the gold/black acid wash
or the red with silver slashes?

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Anyway, I personally went and got a Green/black Repeater, if that says anything about which I think is nice. I don’t know what it is, but splash just doesn’t strike me as fanciful, standard solid colours have a simple elegance, and these (SPYY’s) faded together colours just look great. For those I think it just depends on if you’d rather have a tan/gold(I don’t know what exactly it would look like spinning.) or a green, the green becomes a cool-deep-forest green when spinning.(When I say cool I meant from an art standpoint, although I guess most greens wouldn’t be considered a warm colour.)

Like Japhle said i also got a black/green one, the green is just amazing while its spinning, and its different colors on each halves if you look closely.