Spray Tan?

Thoughts on this new color on the Triton?

The team created the color and Drew White suggested the name.

bahahaha!! The color is very cool but that name is just silly! Why not call it “Desert Storm” or something cool like that? :slight_smile:

Lol desert storm is really good! Drew just said spray tan and it was funny and fitting so we used it

See, I’m in the opposite direction. I love the name Spray Tan. Quite distinct.

Its different, i definitely like yos with more contrasting colors, but the name is pretty funny!

Like the name, not feeling the colours too much. Love me some vibrant colours. Mah two cents anyway.

I absolutely love the name. I think the base should be slightly more off-white though.

Haha, great name! I’m for it.

It’s definitely Spray Tan

It reminded me of a golden nugget.

I need to get you guys a spinning picture

That is beautiful

I like colors that can be on both ends of the spectrum. Love or hate

What does she look like spinning?

Ill get you a spinning shot tmw

Can’t get a good spinning shot

wow! that looks really awesome spinning and I like the name it fits very nicely

Dannngg, gotta get me a triton

Dang! That looks sick! Like the name, too!