SPR Kits for this day & age.

Good day folks, i’m wondering if i could still find an SPR kit to put on my Cold Fusion?
It just makes me cringe knowing that a once great throw is limited to old tech (cork pads).

Regards, Azrin.

What does SPR stand for?

SPR: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/SPR

The article refers to the no longer available Buzz-on kit. Don’t know if anyone makes them now.

Here’s a pic on a Menehune: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Buzz-On_Menehune
(top row, RHS)

On an El X: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Buzz-On_Element_X
(3rd & 4th row, middle)

They pop up on the BST every once in a while

I’d suggest posting there and see if anyone responds

If I recall, Chico makes something they call a CAK kit that is similar to the old SPR kit. I’ve never tried one, but I’ve been meaning to.

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@Java, I had a look at the CAK. It’s great, but i’m not quite sure how it works. I sent an email to Chico to see if it could be used on the CF.

it will most likely be too big

the beauty of the SPR kit is that it fits without cuting if I remember

I’ve received word back from Chico. The CAK was meant on anything that wasn’t a yoyo before.
So that meant if i wanted to use it on the CF, i would have to strip the axle first.
And that is something i’m not willing to do.