Hey everybody my name is Joey. I love yoyoing and heres one of my videos to prove it. Go check out my channel it has more just like this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxTuPbvpR5g

You don’t ask for sponsorship, the company has to come to you.

I like it.

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Pfff… Says you…

Anyway, Why are we getting so many posts like this lately.?

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asking for sponsership is like asking for a job…oh!..nener mind :-[

What do you mean good sir.

Well you dont ask for sponsorships i know that you sound like a jerk but you have to get noticed to get a sponsor and im sorry i you interpreted this as me begging for someone to pay me to yoyo. I want to be sponsored so i can mature my yoyoing i want to get better and i think a sponsor can give me that motivation.

you dont need sponsership to motivate you no one does it is your passion that motivates you but if you think you need a sponser to get better and motivate you fine then your gonna be waiting a long time

how could a sponsership motivate you? please tell me??

Just so you know, being sponsored doesn’t mean you get paid…

Yes I understand i dont get paid when i say pay i mean think of like a company flying you to a contest thats similar to being payed…When i say motivation i mean when you have someone who thinks you have talent (aka a sponsor) wouldnt that make you want to get better?? I mean yes i already have a strong motivation to become better and develop my passion but I think if I had someone to sponsor me it will make me want to strive farther in my career. So not exactly motivation but i hope i explained it clearly. I also want you to understand im not some kid who wants to be just like jensen kimmitt one day, kids like that kinda irritate me but i wanna be my own good player my own skill set and my own passion for this sport so please dont take this like me begging for someone to pay me to play yoyo as if it were i job i do it for fun.

Look, just keep yoyoing and practicing. Then start competing.

It is a small steps. Don’t jump into a sponsorship just because you think it will motivate you, motivate yourself. Then compete, and maybe a company will come looking to sponsor you ( that is if you do well in the pro divisions.)

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guys stop bugging this guy he has a life he can choose what to do if you dont like it just go away from it you dont have to hate on him. The community is a family so support each other geez. And nice skill boy

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Ok, knowing several sponsored players has given me some insight to this topic.

1: It does indeed depend on the sponsor what being sponsored means. For some, its only that you have to rep them at contests by useing their yoyos or wearing their T-shirts. For others you get free yoyos and protos, and you have to give the company positive feedback. For others its the above and you get a little money towards your travel budget. Its a mixed bag for sure.

2: Put your vids out there, but dont just say right out that you want to be sponsored. People assume that if you put good trick clips out, you want to be sponsored. Other players have been offered sponsorship, but turn it down because of other things (Josh Yee) Company owners and reps watch the boards…if you are good, they will notice you.

3: If you really want to be sponsored, go to some contests and figure out how your tricks in the different styles score. If you have really original tricks that dont score as well, put more vids out. If your tricks score well, devote your time to figureing out what contests are realistic to attend. If its a mix, then you are in the perfect place.

4: You seriously have to be better than 99.9% of everyone that puts vids out on the web. Its tough to do.

5: Its ok if you arent sponsored. Its not like people get sponsored every week. Companies only add several players a year to their teams. Wait it out. If you are that good, you will definantly get a shot.

6: (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) Dont dedicate your yoyoing only to getting sponsored. If thats the only reason you yoyo, dont bother. If you dont have fun, sponsors will never approach you. Make sure that you yoyo to have fun, not to be sponsored.

Well thats all I got. I hope it helps everyone who is seeking sponsorship.


Thanks for the advice!

Thanks a ton bro!

Bro thank you so much for posting that it really straightened out my motives. Your right i shouldnt be asking for it i should just be posting and asking people if they like it and maybe ill get noticed thanks for that ill keep posting more videos for sure! And yeah im one of those guys who if i get sponsored im fine with getting a free shirt with the name of the company on it and just representing them at contests. And yes i do attend contests every chance i get i happen to be going to one this weekend. Thanks again for the advice it really helped a lot!