**SPOILER** Winter 2018 Mystery Box New Yoyo Reveals


Yea that mini Genesis looks fun!

(shubham) #24

that DM2 looks great.

(Jim Honaker) #25

I love it. It is stll one of my favorites.

(Mark Walker) #26

Was the Replay Pro the bonus for pre-ordering in Sept? Not everyone got them. No mention on the card either that I saw.

(Dewey Maus) #27

I belive so it seems to be the only thing out of place

(Alexander) #28

I pre-ordered and got the Replay Pro and a YYE bag. I believe they’re called drawstring bags…not sure.

(André Boulay) #29

The mini Genesis (GenXS) has such solid spin time for its size. For now it replaced the Heist I had in my pocket. lol. :blush:

(André Boulay) #30

Yes - correct. The pre-order bonus was ‘Road to Nationals’ edition Replay PRO along with YoYoExpert drawstring bag (and technically saved $5 from the actual box price when you pre-ordered it!)


Gen XS is super fun! I am impressed with it’s stability and spin time - the thing is a zippy little beast!


I really like the Overthrow, I’m letting my girlfriend use it because its big and easier to learn tricks on :joy:


Really liked the undersized pocket yoyo! :laughing:

(The oversized hybrid not so much :mask: )

(Dewey Maus) #34

(Dewey Maus) #35

(Jim Honaker) #36

I love that Boost colorway. I got the same one in my box.


So were any clear / silver YYF Turntable 2.0s included in the mystery boxes? Or only black?

(Dewey Maus) #38

They have a silver with black rims I’m sure someone got one


The GenXs looks a lot like the Yuuksta. At least that’s what it reminds me of in the pictures, pretty cool looking tbh. I dig the aesthetics of the Overthrow too, it looks pretty sweet, but it’s a biggun! Maybe I should have snagged one of these mystery boxes, haha!

(Tyler) #40

Post office still hasn’t brought mine :frowning:

(Drew Sapp) #41

So how is everyone liking the Genx? Looking to get one but am on the fence between that and a couple other throws.


It’s fantastic.

For an undersized “pocket” throw it’s just super. Very stable and nimble…perhaps a bit heavy, but I like that. And mine is DEAD smooth. Glass-like.

It’s my favorite undersized throw now.