**SPOILER** Winter 2018 Mystery Box New Yoyo Reveals


Introducing the Overthrow and the GenXs


I got the Mega Box as well and that box had

Legend (wing rubberized white)
Turntable 2.0
2 yoyo case with lube and holster


Im really stoked on this yoyo!

(shubham) #4

Hahaha did you use stegano graphy?



I am in the market for an undersized/pocket throw - hopefully this fits the bill. Do you happen to know the specs on the GenXs?

(shubham) #6

Looks cool. The yoyo from future.looks like a plastic yo-yo.

(shubham) #7

I think it’s a wedge special limited edition.

(Tyler) #9

Anyone get a bag yet? Mine doesn’t come until tomorrow and I’m impatient



64 grams
Diameter 60mm
Width 50.5mm
Gap .170in
Polycarbonate Body/6061 Weight rings and hub
19mm CBC pods
LARGE CT Bearing


65.3 grams
Diameter 50mm
Width 38.9mm
Gap .170in
19mm CBC pads
LARGE CT Bearing

ART by YoYoExpert!

(Sergio) #11

I got the bag, came in today. I’m happy with what I got. Wouldn’t have picked them myself but I still like them.


Bag was a max value offering. I think some people will get some new #1 throws and atleast some good additions to the rotation


What was in it?

(Sergio) #15

Mystery Box - Winter 2018 - YoYoFactory x YoYoExpert

What’s is special about the extra bearing in the box?

(Mark) #17

It’s a 10-ball bearing

(InvaderDust) #18

This is the first plastic ive actaully wanted. That yellow/green with black rims is a super yummy combo!

(Dewey Maus) #19

(Jim Honaker) #20

My collection grew substantially with the new boxes and bag.
The new GenXs on top and Overthrow in the bottom right, Red and Black Rims. Turntable 2.0 in all black, Boost in a sick Red with Black Rims and Gray splash. Black with Silver rim Alta. Czech Point Pivot, Black with White caps. All silver ND. Galaxy Flight, and White Legend. My son got the Galaxy Northstar and Replay Pro Road to Nationals. Oh yeah, that is also a Galaxy Dv888 with a Popstar behind it.


We thought we should include a bearing to go with the bearing/parts case. :grin:


Man the mystery boxes were really good this year, kudos @yyfben2