Split B/S/T & Trader Feedback?

This is just my own personal hang up, but any chance that Trader Feedback could be moved to it’s own category instead of being nested in B/S/T?

I understand they’re closely related and it’s (mostly) valuable info but I feel like it’s a lot of clutter. Example, currently there are at least 3 topics of feedback for sinister_yoyo. Sure, they’ll prolly get merged at some point, but it adds a lot of noise to the channel – for me at least.

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I find the new format incredibly lacking in regards to finding and posting feedback. If I remember correctly, I read that @codinghorror said something about it being to labor intensive and expensive to add a convenient trader feedback feature. Please correct me codinghorror if I’m inaccurate in my response.

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The idea is to put a one click button on the user card that links you to their feedback topic. Like this:

Generally we only do integrations like that for enterprise hosting, but I can bend the rules, because I love you skitrz


Ahhhh shucks! You da man!
Thanks @codinghorror, that will be awesome!


Here’s a writeup of the current state of affairs

Upon transaction with a user, either find the existing topic for that user in the #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback category, or create a new one if it does not yet exist. Search by the username in that category:

After a transaction, post your feedback on the transaction as a reply to the seller’s feedback topic , like so:

To make it easier to find, the seller attaches that topic to their user card via their user preferences, under User → Preferences → Profile → Featured Topic near the bottom


At that point, you can now easily find and refer to the seller’s feedback topic on their user card, like so:

There could certainly be more sophisticated ways to do this, but this simple method leverages the built in functionality in Discourse and it is relatively easy to understand… it’s just another reply in a standard topic.


Ideally the user will have their feedback topic pinned to their user card / profile. But if they don’t, or if they have no feedback yet, you’ll need to search the #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback category. Here’s how.

Enter the #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback category and use the search button at the upper right, your search will be scoped to the current category by default (the checkbox will be checked)

enter the username you are looking for and see what matches.

(one slight complexity here is that the mods have to stay on top of merging duplicate feedback topics… or maybe there could be multiple feedback topics if there are special dramas, I’m not sure.)


That’s pretty slick @codinghorror. And if I can do it as fast as I just did I know ANYONE can do it lol.


mine is already pinned… that was kinda… cool?

thanks @codinghorror & mod/boss team
at yye!


I know it’s not as fancy as what y’all had on the old forum, but hopefully it gets us a little closer to the goal? :hugs:

I do think eventually we’ll have some kind of plugin that can do this in a more sophisticated way.