LF: Umbra, Aqua / Pink Exia, and More

Edit: After looking at the forum guidelines people suggested, I streamlined my title to bump for what I’m looking for or selling. I’ll refresh or repost a new topic if this topic lasts “too long”.


  1. Blue Fade Umbra
  2. Pink / Blue Fade Exia
  3. POM Wedge

Starting my own topic here to share the throws I’m looking for, any potential yo-yos or toys I want to sell, and to give feedback on both buyers and sellers here!


Here’s a Google Sheets of the Yo-Yos I have / want.

It’ll be updated near daily!


Currently not selling anything! I’ll find ways to list my collection.

I do art commissions! My rates are:

  • $20 - Doodle
  • $40 - Sketch
  • $80 - Inks + Tones
  • $120 - Colors
  • $160 - Paints

Examples will be included. I can trade art for my yo-yos if you want to commission me for something. I also do music!

If you’d like a custom chiptune / EDM song, my rates are $50 / hr, or $40 for 1.5 min of music!



Benmichael86: Selling his Akita, very patient and friendly. Great at communication. He even reminded me he held his Akita for me, and is not urgent in payment. Yet to pay him, but excited to!

the5th005: Incredibly good deals, patient with my payment too. It’s a steal.


Just FYI that is not how feedback works here, it should be posted in each individual’s own feedback threads in the #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback section; you’ll have your own thread as well. This keeps things organized and easy to find for everyone. Additionally B/S/T threads should only be open for 3 months max according to the rules, so should be opened w/ intentional purpose instead of a generic looking for post w/ a link to a spreadsheet; specificity will help you find things faster as well.

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Thanks for laying down the rules more clearly! This is my first time doing a topic like this. I found it a bit difficult to have either topics that shut down so quickly with specific requests, or found them to be disorganized. I wanted to splay out all my info out there for easy access to make trading and completing my collection as fast as possible.

Is there a format for listing what I’m looking for on a regular basis? Would I generally try to cycle topics every 3 months according to what I’m looking for?

For the feedbacks, do I do individual feedback topics myself, or do I look for feedback topics made by others about that particular person, including myself?

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For listing what you’re looking for, I’m not sure what the OFFICIAL rules are, but I’ve seen people keep updating their posts with their latest wants. I think you’re more likely to get what you’re looking for if you modify the post itself, saying what you want vs just updating the google sheet.

As for feedbacks, usually someone will start a thread after the first sale or trade, then everyone else will just kind of use that one and comment on it as they have interactions with you.


To leave feedback for others, the easiest thing to do if they haven’t pinned their feedback post to their profile (see below for example) is to type this into the search bar:

in:title #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback <username> , so for example if you wanted to search for Ben’s feedback thread, you’d search:

in:title #buy-sell-trade:traders-feedback benmichael86

once you’ve found their thread, just add a reply w/ your feedback from your transaction with them.

If they don’t yet have a thread, you can start one for them in the same section, being sure to put their username in the title so it’s easily found down the road

This post is a good overview of how things are currently done w/ some screenshots


Thanks! Seems like there’s a bit of a learning curve with the proper etiquette with the forum, but I’ll catch up to speed in no time! :slight_smile:


Yep. I was use to the old feedback system that was much easier and clearer to understand. As I came back to throwing and using the forum again after many years, I had to figure out the new feedback system which is definitely not straightforward or neatly organized. It is what it is I suppose and I moved my feedback to the appropriate user threads upon figuring out the process.


Bump, changed the title, will continue to modify this topic as needed. Thanks guys for the tips. The exact rules here are a little weird.

Looking for an Umbra mainly right now, have a few others in sight, but I’ve nearly completed my collection. If you guys have any throws for cheap you want to offer, feel free to PM me.

Bump, nearly got the money for a Pink Umbra someone offered, April was a rough month for me financially. If anyone has a Blue Umbra still looking for it.

I have a pink Umbra if you’re interested.

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