Splash Painted Spintop

As some of you know I held a contest to pick the splash colors and the winner was Gstellar, I painted this last night and I’m happy with the results on the lower half I had to do something else on the top half because i ran out of paint to do a good splash. Considering that it did come out pretty good but it could have been better. Tell me what you guys think of it :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty cool paint job! I’m gonna try to do a splash job someday, thanks to seeing that. ;D

Wow that’s sweet! Can’t wait to try it today.

Incredible job! I definitely need to paint something now! Lol.

remember this is all painted on the inside, like how you would paint a fhz. that way the paint never gets touched :wink:


I wouldn’t normally get mad at people for necro-ing 10 days after, to me, it’s not really a necro if they have something helpful and/or important it say.

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I’m not gonna freak out on you crazy style, but I just felt like I should say this.


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I don’t think you should be just saying “well…sory”.

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well thank you for not slicing my head off…

now play nice everyone :slight_smile:

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little blotchy at the top

yeah i was running out of paint, so i couldnt get a good splash so i had to do something else

Your welcome.

Although slicing heads off is fun, I didn’t feel like it was needed today.

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