my first paint job

ok this is my first paint job, constructive criticism is appreciated
dscn0204 by smole388, on Flickr
dscn0203 by smole388, on Flickr
dscn0202 by smole388, on Flickr

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You Sure it’s your first?

haha yeah, i guess i will take that as a compliment, and i spent some time on it, alot.

I really dig it. It’s been one of the best custom paints I’ve seen on here.
I am a sucker for the black/white, yin yang thing.

Great job! Black and white are always great colors together.

Awsome job… Could you get a spinning pic?

its not really all that cool spinning, the white side is light gray, and the black side is dark gray.

That’s pretty cool!

i know its a little late but that is an amazing paint job well done ;D

Looks amazing to me! Much better then I could do. The black and white color scheme is one of my favorites, so as such…I think your yoyo is epic.

It’s very nice! Though it is kinda plain in my opinion. Keep up the work!

Great Job! I just might do that with my fhz! If I could make suggestion for another paint for a freehand zero (if you are going to), it would be nice if you did a white fhz with red, blue, and yellow splash on it!