Splash paint job?

I am curious on how to do a splash paintjob? ???

with actual paint? hold a paint brush, splash the paint on.
Or do you mean with anodization/beadblasting/whatever?
because with that, they colour it one colour (the colour they want the splash) then put something like a glue over it, and re colour it a different colour. Once they take off the glue (or whatever they actually use) it’ll have a splash design on it.

You cut out tape if you are using paint/airbrush and lay that down over the base then paint over it with the second. A REALLY cool airbrushing trick i know is with water. You lay down your base coat. put water droplets on the surface (after it has dried) then lightly paint the water. It gives it a wet look. here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbnTpJQPOTs&feature=channel_video_title