Spinworthy undersized fixed axle for sale

Selling this undersized Spinworthy fixed axle yoyo made from the third hardest wood in the world; gidgee.

To give you a idea, another Australian wood called waddy wood is the hardest in the world and has a hardness rating of 4,630 lbf. Gidgee has a hardness rating of 4,270 lbf, so it is only only marginally softer.

With a diameter of only 47mm, it plays pretty well. Because of its size, it does not have a very long spin time, but it’s adequate.

The wood is extremely expensive, about 6 times the price of anything else I use.

$80 USD shipped.


I hope you’re still making stuff when I get around to getting a fixed axle. I think the idea of having something one of a kind really lines up with the idea of modern responsive.

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How so?

To me modern responsive just feels more individual and personal. Not that there isn’t a lot of innovation and creativity involved, but in comparison to unresponsive high level play the yo-yo feels like less of a tool to execute tricks that can be interchanged with almost any other modern unresponsive yo-yo, and more like an integral part of the experience.

I’m also on drugs right now fwiw.

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Yes, I see what you mean and I agree.

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